Liam Neeson


Algernon Crowe is an evolved human with the powers of Empathy and Emotion Control.


A more hated and feared man could not be found elsewhere. Crowe is truly insane and prone to violent mood swings. He makes and breaks alliances at will. Crowe also suffers from delusions which fuels his madness such as claiming to be an earthly manifestation of the Greek god of fear, Deimos or being a key part of a still as yet unknown global conspriracy group named The Prometheans (though evidence showed that he was merely a hired henchman). In his most infamous act to commit mass murder in Odessa, Texas, Crowe somehow was convinced that the Company wanted him to do it ever since he saw several prophetic paintings by the late Issac Mendez showing him actually destroying the town. Luckily, he was stopped just the nick of time by an alliance of Company agents and other Heroes.