Aric Scott
Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer
Played by RyanCAPS
In-story stats
Power(s) Cryokinesis
Alignment Villain
Affiliation N/A
Full name Aric Mack Scott
Alias N/A
Gender Male
Age Seventeen
Date of birth March 18th
Place of birth San Francisco, CA
Current Location High School Student
Significant other N/A
Parents Temp Scott and Serena Smith
Children N/A

Aric is an evolved human with the ability of Cryokinesis.


Aric was the youngest of the Scott triplets, having two older brothers, Trent and Weston. As a kid, Aric would never play with his brothers and instead he found company in talking to himself. He was overly anti-social with his family and ignored dinners when someone would speak to him. In school, Aric was moderately athletic in school, a bit more involved in sports than Trent but less happy about it than Weston.

When he was 14, Aric discovered his power of Cryokinesis by putting out a classroom fire. He started experimenting with his power and had gotten a medium amount of control over it. At 16, Aric moved from the New York borough of Staten Island to Manhattan, not wanting to stay with his family. Since he was a minor living on his own, Aric had to live with a legal guardian or parent so he moved in with the Scotts' family friend, Terrance Matterson. He barely keeps contact with his family.


Aric is what most people see as a stuck-up idiot, basically. He is a jerk to everyone, seeing himself as better than them. Aric is a bully, pushing around those younger than him and older than him. He's not afraid of his elders and would push all the lecturing adults off a cliff any day. He is also a bit crazy, seeing that he talks to himself a lot.


Aric has medium, ear-length, blond hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. He is a causally-dressed guy who usually wears short-sleeved shirts and worn-out or ripped jeans. Aric stands at 5'11" and weighs about 126 lbs. He's moderately fit but not exactly "macho".


Cryokinesis is the ability to generate ice from one's hands. Aric can form ice from his hands and mold the ice into simple shapes like a sphere. He can freeze his own body but so far, only up to his lower arms. He can freeze his fists to increase the impact of a punch or freeze his foot to also increase the impact of a kick. He cannot freeze a whole entire person or object, just part of it (i.e. a hand of a person; a leg of a table).