Brodie Jaxon

Full Name:

Brodie Jaxon



Brain Mimicry







Personal Relationships:

Elizabeth Till, 23 (Telepathy / Telekenesis)

Portraited by:

Peter Falk

Brodie started off life in the Bronx, he fought to get out, studying loads, and eventually going to MIT studying bio engineering. It was there that he learnt about his powers. He learnt how to use them, using the machinery that was there. But he also didn’t want to use his powers to learn. He actually wanted to learn. He didn’t want to cheat. He left with honours, and went onto a job in a research facility. He worked there for many years, clashing his elders, and higher ups.

He eventually was poached to the newly formed Pinehearst Company. He started off there, as a research assistant. He still clashed with his higher ups, but most of the time he had good reason, he was right. They were wrong. Simple. He move up the rankings bit by bit, year by year. Eventually on his 50th birthday becoming in charge of the day to day running of Pinehearst. He knows many of the Companies secrets and will take them to his grave.

Pinehearst burnt down. Brodie was lost, he didn’t know what to do with himself, the Company he had worked for, for most of his life was gone. He was sitting in the park, when he was met by someone, who offered him a new job. He worked at the new Company, and felt right at home straight away. After a couple of months, he was asked to run it, which he did.