Duplication, also known as Replication, is the ability for someone to create identical duplicates of oneself. Depending on the person and their prowess with their ability, the duplicates can range from being little more than a mindless statue all the way up to a true "clone", possessing a carbon copy of the personality, memories, skills and various mannerisms that make up an actual person, as well as the sentience that allows them to act independently, though still at the behest of the true - or "Prime" - version of themselves.

As well as the level of sophistication the duplicates possess, the number of duplicates that can be created and maintained at any one time is also down to the person and their level of proficiency. However, a trait usually shared by all duplicates created through this ability is that, when they are wounded - usually at the point when such wounds are fatal - they will simply fade out of existence. In addition to this, the clones do not possess the capability to survive or in any way persist independently to their creator and, as such, if the "Prime" version is incapacitated or killed, they will vanish in a similar fashion.