Egokinesis, manipulation of the self, is the power to control and manipulate every aspect of one's body on a molecular level. The name was invented by Patrick MacEachthighearna, the only special known to possess the ability.

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Patrick MacEachthighearnaEdit

Patrick isn't really that powerful. He can't level cities or kill people with a touch or anything like that. His power only affects him, and him alone. Patrick can assume the form of any living being larger than a kitten but smaller than a rhino with a sufficient nervous system, meaning that he could not become a plant, an insect or anything like that, though he can imitate some of their biological processes, possibly using some kind of photosynthesis or chemosynthesis to increase his mass. He can only do what is more or less biologically possible though. The parts of his DNA that determine his power never change, since he would then lose his original power and assume whatever powers his new form would have mid-change, right when his very anatomy is changing, resulting in almost certain death. There's often both pros and cons with changes to his body. For example, to become really strong he would need the physique of a professional body builder, which would also make him very heavy and clumsy, obviously.

Unlike a regenator, Patrick doesn't heal from wounds automatically. He could speed up his healing, but it requires conscious effort, and is still many times slower. Depending on the severity of the wound, it could take from a few minutes to days, or even weeks before it's completely healed. Injuries still affect and weaken him like they would any other, meaning that he could not get up and continue fighting after being stabbed or having his leg broken or something like that. An ordinary wound could kill him if left untreated and prevented from healing, but it would take longer than normal. Although Patrick's brain could make it longer than most without oxygen, it cannot survive indefinitely, and would die within an hour without a heart beat and breathing. Like with all specials, Patrick's brain is his greatest weakness since that's where his power originates. He could be killed instantly by destroying that infamous spot, and unlike a regenator he would not come back to life if an object stuck there was removed. Another easy way to make sure he dies would be by either removing his brain through beheading or Sylar-esque brain removal, or by completely destroying his brain and/or body to the point where he couldn't possibly heal, such as by burning his body to ash, vaporising it, or blowing it to smithereens. Powers that don't directly rely on physical damage, such as life force related powers and psychic powers affect him the same way they do anyone else.