The ability to manipulate the electromagnetic force to achieve a wide range of effects. Most seen types of uses, are the manipulation of magnetic objects, interference with electronic devises. And the locating of metals.

Limiting Factors Edit

There is a wide range of things that can limit and weaken the effect of this ability. Even lessen the control the user have over this ability.

Size: Edit

If the user, uses the aspect of magnetism manipulation to manipulate magnetic objects like metals, and other types of objects, the size matters greatly as the bigger the object the more energy it consumes. Though other things can decide on these factors too, like weight, shape, air direction and things like that.

Concentration: Edit

This ability have also been shown to require at least somewhat concentration to be used, though it depends on how much strength the user needs from the ability, most users can with minimal concentration use their ability on a daily basis on basic stuff, like writing with pen, levitating smaller objects and so on. Though research have shown that, when the task becomes more difficult for the user, more concentration is require to do that task.

Will-power: Edit

When a user do not want this ability, and refuses to use it. Then the ability's strength have been shown to decrease. Also mental illnesses that causes the user to lose the will to live, have been shown to decrease the strength of the user, not only in ability strength, but also in control. 

Experience: Edit

This one if an obvious one, if a user have been using the power for a long time, they would know what they can and can't do, and that way the experience can limit them, as when they don't have any, they won't know when their power is capable of doing something, for example of they are new to their ability, and find themselves getting a truck thrown at them, then they won't know if their current ability strength is strong enough to stop it or not.

Side Effects Edit

Electronic Failure: because of the konstant creation of new electromagnetic waves within the users body, they damage all electronic devices around them. A kind of like a konstant EMP wave.