Harry Abbot
Harry Abbot
The strongest Defense against illnesses
Portrayed by Brendan Hines
Played by Virus763
In-story stats
Power(s) Asepsis
Alignment Neutral
Affiliation None
Full name Harry Abbot
Alias None
Gender MALE
Age 25
Date of birth 7'th September 1985
Place of birth Manhattan General Hospital
Current Location New Jersey
Occupation Unemployed
Parents James Abbot & Maria Abbot
Siblings Abigail Abbot

Harry used to be your everyday little sister abusing brother. But now he has turned a page in his book called life, and he is trying to get back on the right track.

History Pre-EclipseEdit

The first many years of his life went by torturing Abigail, at least until the day she went berserk, and killed her friends. Of course Harry was scared at first, but then he became curios, and he actually found out what she had done, and why it hadn’t worked on him. He confronted his sister with that information, though he regrets that even today.

After that his sister fell ill, and he… well he became more suicidal. He even attempted suicide a few times. He couldn’t take all the quilt and pain; he tried to stupidly enough drink himself to death. Though he did not succeed. Suicidal tendencies was not the only problem he got, he began to see and hear things, most often it was his sister’s voice and image he saw.

His personal life became simply screwed up; he couldn’t handle anything after that, no girlfriends, no friends, not even school or work. He had ended up alone after what he had done. He tried to call Abigail many times (he still tries) but he can’t get to her and every time he does, it just makes him sad, knowing she does not want to talk to him.