The Inhibitor Bracelet is a piece of Company-devised technology designed to suppress or otherwise prevent the use of abilities exhibited by their evolved wearers. Looking very much like the surveillance "tagging" bracelets utilised by the civilian police forces of the United States, the Inhibitors could be considered a electronic evolution of the portable GPS transmitters while still retaining a very much innocuous look.

Construction Edit

One of the smallest-known (or unknown, with regards to the civilian population) uses of the RLCB30 polymer loom; a piece of machinery often used to make heavy-duty riot shields and light aircraft parts, the polycarbonate shell of the Company's Inhibitor Bracelet is designed with sturdiness and tamper resistance in mind. With both the bracelet's GPS tracking device and the complex electronics responsible for its other functions safely housed inside, they are able to carry out their respective functions without risk of damage; be it accidental or otherwise.

Unlike the rest of the bracelet, the "contact strip"; namely the portion of the bracelet which touches the wearer's skin, is made from a conductive metal which is vital for the bracelet's suppression of evolved abilities.

Functions Edit

As well as a sophisticated GPS tracking system which is capable of tracking the wearer's location worldwide, the bracelet also contains a variety of bodily monitors which, thanks to the research the Company has done over the years into the physiological side-effects of utilising abilities, are able to - if required - detect when the wearer is trying to do so and deliver an electrical shock as a deterrent.

However, given the inherent margin of error with such a system, the bracelets are equipped with backups which allow for the same result to occur. Remote-controlled locking mechanisms allow for the electrical shock to be administered if/when attempts are made to undo and remove the bracelet without it recieving an unlocking command.

Traditionally, the functions of the bracelet are all controlled by a simple binary switch; the toggle for which can only be transmitted via specially-designed remote controls also created by the Company. This ensures that only the authorised personnel can determine whether or not the bracelet is active.