June Summers

'June Summers '

Is a privet investigator with a differences is looking into extremely weird and strange of aliens ghost mythical beings with a head strong attitude but loving bubble personality with the ability of elasticity allowing her to flexible during a case.

History (Per Eclipse)

June was born in London on the 9th in the month of her name in the late 80's born in to the Summers family with mother Janet and father Jake summers that show her love and care from some of her life think that the world was full of delight and wonder that nothing could change the fairy tale that was her life. This was till she was 8 when her fairy tale dream turn into shadowy nightmare when her parents showed their true coulers always arguing over anything that sparked there temper even in public forgetting that June was there leaving her in the strangers of places.

'It left June alone and scared and sometime crying only seeking solace in her imagination and fantasy to help her escape the harsh world that was around her. When she was 15 old she moved on a bit but still loved to explore and discover the world of the odd and but found a liking for crime shows and they quickly became her friends for most of her teens and would go off and investigate to find things that stood out from the normal hopeful to find something that would take her away from her distorted past.'

when June's parents split up June went with her father to the USA for a new life but still wanted to investigate and studied it in college to learn criminology and law to gain her the foot in the door to getting her the job as a privet investigator giving her the freedom ability to do what she does today.

(June Ability)

'June elasticity allows her to stretch disform expand and contract and part of her body like rubber giving her an edge on her case if she has to get into places that would be considered impossible for any normal person but it can help get out of any dangerous situation as her body can't be harmed by normal weapons like bullets and knifes.'

(Limits) June can't handle extreme weather as the deep cold make her body hard to move and restricts her it use the complete opposite happens when June in hot weather as it would make her body more stretchy but with little or no tension leaving her open for attack June's body can be flattened but after she inflated herself back to normal her body suffers a stiff period for a while.