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Lux Aeterna is a secret society dedicated to bringing the world to what its leaders consider its "natural state." While Lus Aeterna has many holdings across the globe, Its ties and its existence are unknown to the public. The organization is partially grown from the ashes of the similar, former organization known as GEIST. Their planned methodology remains occluded for now.

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Jung FacilityEdit

The Jung Facility has been reaching out across the world, to offer aid to areas that need it and also to prevent or at least ontrol any further natural (or unnatural) disasters. While Jessica Conelly and Marshall Quatrevaux lead the Facility's core operations - psychology, particularly toward Specials - the worldwide initiatives are organized by Khalidah Rahal, placing the Facility directly in the hands of Lux Aeterna.

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The SawyersEdit

While the Johessmans are associated with Lux Aeterna by their own free will, the same cannot be said of the Sawyers. Indeed, the patriarch of that family - U.S. president Philip Sawyer - is unaware of the organization's existence, and has no clue as to his connection to it. Unfortunately, one of his daughters, Reggie, fell into the hands of GEIST during the Battle of Washington, D.C. and was in the care of Gabriel Constant during much of the fourteen months between that event and her reemergence. Although the methods used remain occluded, small events have demonstrated that Reggie can be subtly influenced by Gabriel and a few others, and over long distances as well. Through this connection, it stands to reason that President Sawyer could one day be compromised or manipulated into working toward one or more of Lux Aeterna's aims.