Necrokinesis is the ability to mentally move and control anything dead, most often used on bodies that resemble that of the user, but can be used on anything as long as it is dead, or have died at least once. There are many ways to obtain this control, most often the case being of a special giving temporarily some of their own life-force to the body, allowing to to regain normal motor functions under control of the user

Limiting factors.Edit

Limitied Life-force: Because of the short life-time of a living being, a user of this ability often has normal amounts of life force, because of this. Any person using life-force to achieve Necrokinesis, is limited to the amount of life-force the user has, to give to each dead corpse they takes control off. Also people depending on their life-force is also very vulnerable to life-force suckers, often getting necrotic effects if they should lose any of said life-force.

Lack of resources: Often a person that has this ability aren't able to procure dead things, therefore making it a very tricky power to use at full strength, simply because they can't find the resources needed for creating a waste army of dead, often this can only happen on a graveyard or a mausoleum.