Pacy McNeil

Full Name

Pacy McNeil




Photographic Memory and Photographic Reflexes








Casey McNeil(father), Patricia McNeil (Mother, deceased)

Played by:

Adam Brody

Pacy McNeil is one of the Company's Co-Administrators. He has the ability of a Photographic Memory and also a sub ability of 'Photographic Reflexes'. Being with the company has changed Pacy from a happy go lucky kinda geek to a much darker sombre individual. This is due to the many deaths he has witnessed and committed all in the name of 'saving the world'.

History before RP Edit

Pacy lived a humble life with his parents in Essex in England. Nothing much really happened to him, he was just your normal child, living with his working class family in their normal semi detached house.

Pacy watched a Eclipse when he was Seven. January Seventh. It was a day that changed his life. Pacy was interested in the way things worked, e.g. television, computers etc, and his parents would come home to fine all sorts of things on the floor, which Pacy had taken apart. But Pacy could also put them back together again and the thing would be in prefect working order. Pacy also discovered that he had a knack for remembering things perfectly crystal clear. This is when his thirst for knowledge became great. He would read books all the time and remember them clear as day.

This worried his father a bit, the father and his father took him to the doctors, who referred him to other doctors who referred them to other doctors and eventually after a series of experiments (memory tests etc, nothing sinister), it was discovered that Pacy had a photographic memory.

When Pacy was 13, his mother died from a heart attack. He will never forget his mother lying in the hospital bed, (not just because of his memory). This turn of events changed his father. His father threw himself into his work. His father was a mechanic, Pacy decided that because he would not see his father as much being at school all the time and his father working late, that Pacy would help his father every waking moment, leaving himself enough time to study, even though he had a photographic memory he wanted to learn things, make his own ideas on things that he was learning. So Pacy started to work in his father garage every day after school. Pacy soon picked up the trade easily, and thanks to his son and his memory, the business thrived. His father was glad of the help, but deep down his father wanted to keep his son close anyway, Pacy was a memory of his mother to his father, something he wanted to keep under wraps. Pacy did good in his GCSE’s, while he did good at the academic subjects like math’s and the sciences, the creative subjects like drama, English and design he didn’t do too well at, this could be to do with his photographic memory and not being very creative, he could recite Shakespeare's sonnets word for word, but that didn't make him a great actor, don’t you know!

Pacy’s father wasn’t big on emotion, he was an old fashioned man and believed that the MAN was the bread winner and the WOMAN was the emotion anchor for the child. So without the mother there, Pacy’s dad didn’t know how to talk to his son, to communicate. So Pacy’s father did the only thing he knew, they bonded, over films, every weekend they would watch many different films, by making him watch the films Pacy’s father would use the themes and the emotions to talk to his son. Father and son became film buffs and Pacy loved the films that his father made him watch. Whenever Pacy wasn't working on school work or working with his father, Pacy would normally be in front of the TV, watching something of some kind, seeing as his father was always working and he had no mother, the TV became kind of a babysitter for him.

Pacy loved the films and film making and decided that he wanted a job in media. He liked the way that films and TV could touch people in many different ways. So for one of his A level’s Pacy chose Media Studies. Pacy seemed to have a flair for film making and taking photos. This was one of the only creative things that Pacy could do. He make mini documentaries on his father and even made a short film set in the garage, the film was used as a example of his work and was shown to a University in New York, where Pacy wanted to go, to follow in his favorite directors footsteps. The University offered Pacy an unconditional offer to go and study there after his A Levels.

By 18, the business was the best in Essex and all the surrounding counties, thanks to Pacy. Pacy deciding that his father was well off enough for him to leave, Pacy decided to go and study away from home. He got high marks in his tests and was accepted to a University in New York, doing Media, it was a tough decision, while Pacy didn’t want to leave his father, and he wanted to get out from under his wing. He wanted to see the world, and even though he knew that he would miss his father, he knew that he would kick himself for giving up the chance. Pacy was moving to another country, being away from his father would be difficult because he was the only family he had, but also it was time that Pacy became his own man.

Pre-Company Edit

Pacy had been in America for a couple of months. Giving him some time to acclimatise himself to the country. He traveled a little bit, getting comfortable with the new land he was in. He eventually started going to University. He got into the routine of it all, he didn’t make many friends, he thought it would be easy, as everyone else around him would be film geeks, so they would get his jokes, but they thought that he was too much of a film geek, and he was still an outsider, even in a college full of his peers. One day whilst in the library reading all the books on his course, using his photographic memory he was captured. He woke up to a man standing in front of him, called Thompson Jr. The man offered Pacy a chance to be fixed. Pacy didn’t know what ‘being fixed’ meant, all he knew was that he did indeed needed to be fixed. So he took the offer, and joined The Company. A place that tracks Specials. Others like him.

Starting out Edit

Pacy was assigned a partner. Declan Anthony. Declan and Pacy made a good team, well, in theory. Pacy was the brains, and Declan was the muscle. They both liked it that way. Over time they developed a good friendship, Pacy’s first friend. It was a milestone in his life. The first couple of bag and tags that they had were wash outs, failing to bag or tag any Specials. Alexis Cohen, Jack Murdock. Both of these Specials got away from them. Pacy then met Danny Wallace. Pacy took exception to this Special Feeling that he was abusing his power for his own gains. It made Pacy start to realize that what he was doing with the Company was right. Pacy then became a recruiter. He helped Thompson Jr to try and get Adam Underwood to join the Company. Pacy then joined the whole Company for a meeting. Where he met Gael Cruz, the head administrator of the Company. Pacy was scared that he and Declan would be reprimanded, they were, but Gael saw something in Pacy and started to take him under his wing. Also at the meeting, Pacy also caught the eye of Britney Claybourne.

Death of a friend Edit

Pacy and Declan were sent on a bag and tag for a Kerry Brookes. It ended badly with Declan being killed by the Feral Minded Special. Pacy was saved by Company back up and the Special was bagged. Pacy was at the tagging. He berated the Special for killing his partner. His friend. Pacy made sure that when the Haitian erased her memories of the bag and tag, that he left in the killing part of it. Gael Cruz was present at the tagging, keeping Pacy in check, but also liking what he was seeing from the photographic wonderboy. After the tagging, Pacy stayed in a lot, whilst the Company covered up the death. Pacy ventured out for the funeral. Keeping himself to himself, and laying a wreath on the grave. Once back at the Company, Gael gave Pacy some time off from the field. Pacy was sent to Japan to recon on a Yuri Ito. Pacy re-conned the girl, and came back to America with his findings.

Meeting the power couple Edit

Pacy was back in America. He hadn’t been assigned a new partner, and he hadn’t had a assignment in a couple of weeks. Pacy knew that the Company was giving him a grieving period. Pacy was chilling out in Central Park, when he noticed someone he remembered dying. Pacy thought this was suspicious and followed the person. Alexandria Ride. Pacy called for back up. He trusted his instincts. The woman was a Special. He just needed to confirm it. Back up arrived, and Pacy’s instincts were right. She was a Special. Who was bagged and tagged. A couple of days later, Pacy was walking through the Company facility, when he noticed something strange again. One of the agents was acting differently. Before Pacy had time to do something about it, the Agent grabbed him, and used his as a bargaining chip. A hostage. Pacy was saved quickly by Gael Cruz. Pacy later found out that it was Patrick Solidus.

Gael's right hand man Edit

Gael had problems finding Pacy a partner that would suit his needs, so Gael took Pacy and gave him an Office and Recruiter’s job for a bit. He also made Pacy read up on all the company files. Pacy had no problem doing that due to his photographic memory. First order of business was to find out what happened with Justin Marvalo and his escape. Pacy figured out that Rhett Mitchell had caused it, and came down hard on her. She was given another chance, but Pacy was keeping an eye on her. Pacy recruited Jillian Garland, Aurora Quinn, Izzy Virden, but failed by recruit Trixie McKnight. Whilst trying to recruit Trixie McKnight, Pacy came into contact with Level 5 escapee Howard Grigsby, whom he captured, with Trixie’s help. Pacy also went to Izzy’s penthouse party, where he made a connection with Britney Claybourne.

New partner Edit

Pacy went to a Company meeting, the last one that Gael Cruz would be apart off. He was assigned a new partner, Eve Rhodes who was a lot like Declan. In the fact that they worked well together, Muscles and Brains. Pacy’s first mission with her was to recon on a Special called Spike Andrews. They did just that. In London. Pacy also managed to get home for a little bit, find out how his father was doing.

The mole Edit

One of the Company civilian agents was killed by Anzhela DeFrancisco. Pacy was charged with bringing her in. Which he did. They wanted to take her to Level 5. but Pacy had other ideas. He wanted to make her a Company Mole for The Solidus Institution. Pacy managed to convince his superiors and did just that. Using a mix of her foster brother who worked for the Company, and the knowledge that they could help her with her powers. She agreed.

Co-Administrator Edit

Pacy attended a meeting with Angela Petrelli and Rachel Davis. Pacy and Rachel were informed that the company was going through some tough times. Many Agents had died. Gael Cruz being an important one. Angela Petrelli made Pacy and Rachel the co-administrators of the Company. In charge of the day to day running of the Company. Pacy didn’t really want to do it, but if it was Gael’s wish then he decided to honor that, also with Rachel by his side, he knew that he would be alright.

The Battles Edit

With help from Jillian Garland, The Company knew that two big things were coming their way. In both big branches of the Company. New York and Odessa. Pacy and Rachel split up the Company so that both sites were heavily armed, with Specials and Civilians alike. Pacy was at Odessa. Where they were expecting Algernon Crowe to try and come and blow up Odessa. Pacy used this life or death situation to tell Britney how he felt, he kissed her, and asked her on a date, If they survived. They were interrupted by a returning Rhett Mitchell. She seemed groggy and her powers were running out of control. Pacy was about to take her in, when Harmony Mills stepped in and tried to stop Pacy. Pacy had no choice but to use shock tactics to get her away, which eventually worked. Pacy took the girl into one of the bag and tag areas, where he realized that her powers were overloading, and if something wasn’t done, she would blow up Odessa herself. Pacy had no choice but to kill her, which he did. Pacy was in a daze as her left the area, and made his way back to the fight, when he stumbled upon the vault, and Britney, dead. Pacy cradled her in his arms and started to cry. What if’s abounded in his head, finding out that Crowe did this made it no better. All Pacy knew was that he had to tell her sister. Whitney Claybourne. Spike Andrews teleported into the area, and Pacy grabbed him and held a gun to his head, telling him to teleport him to New York, which he did. Pacy left Odessa with Rachel to take care of. He was going to take care of New York. Pacy arrived in New York and told Whitney, who blamed him. Saul Johns started to walk over to them, Pacy knew what the guy was capable of, from reading his file. Pacy didn’t hesitate in shooting him in his tracks. Pacy found out that someone was planning on planting a bomb in New York as well, and Pacy went to the only place he knew that they could plant it. Level 5. Pacy made his way down to the Levels and came across Danny Wallace and numerous people. They were talking about a bomb, mainly Danny. Pacy did what he had to do, and fired a shot at Danny’s head.

DEFT timeline Edit

Danny teleported from the time the bullet went off to the future. Where he saw a dark future where the bombs went off and everything was very different. Pacy was different. The bomb incidents coupled with the bad times had made his a world weary man. He was still in charge of the Company. In this timeline, Pacy had tried to get the Danny Wallace of that timeline to go back and stop the bombs, but he wouldn’t. So Pacy killed him in cold blood. That had changed Pacy. He had discovered a new part of his powers, a kind of adoptive muscle memory. It had made him stronger, and made him embrace his powers more. Pacy had also found out about a half brother. Seth Alden who was a ‘hero’. Pacy kept his brother a secret and tried to help him out where he could. They didn’t see eye to eye on everything but there was a connection between the two. Pacy was also involved in a ‘relationship’ with Trixie McKnight in this timeline. One which was purely carnal. Pacy was so into the Company, that he even tried to take away Rachel Davis’s child, all he wanted to know is if the child was a Special. He and Rachel had many arguments about this, leaving to even a greater void between the two in how to run the Company. One day Pacy was in his office, when he was met by the past Danny Wallace. The one who had teleported there. Pacy was shocked by this. Danny wanted to know how to stop the bombs, Pacy told him, he didn’t want this timeline to be true, he had seen so much hurt and destruction. Pacy was willing to sacrifice everything for Danny to go back and change what had becomes the world.


The timeline came back to normal, and Pacy had thought that Danny had teleported and not time travelled. With both bombs about to go off and all the Company secrets in his head, Pacy did what he had to do. He had to get out of there. Hide, and come back when the dust had settled.

Return to the company Edit

Once Pacy had escaped the bombs, he went home to England. When he realized that the bombs had been stopped, he decided not to return. He wanted to be a teenager, live a normal life. He didn’t want to be with the Company. He had seen too much death in his time with them. Pacy knew he could never be safe, but he knew how to keep one step ahead of them at all times. He went home, visited his father, for what could have been the last time, and went on the run. Whilst on the run, he saw an Eclipse, and lost his powers whilst it was on. He figured that Eclipse’s stopped and started powers. Pacy had been on the run for a while, and he knew that the Company were getting closer, but everytime he knew he could out run them, he knew how they thought. He decided that he needed to tell them, but he didn’t want to tell Rachel. So he texted Brianna Stewart, Rachel's right hand woman. He used her to deliver his message, he wasn’t coming back. Whilst talking to her, he started to get a headache, he had been getting them for a while, Pacy put it down to the lack of sleep and bad diet. But it hurt so bad, that Pacy couldn’t even talk, he fell to the ground in pain. Pacy knew what had to be done. He needed to go back. Back to the Company. To be fixed. The first reason he joined them in the first place. Pacy awoke to find himself strapped down on a table, with Doctor Zimmerman standing over him. The Doctor talked about a similar case, Matt Neuenberg, Pacy knew what had happened to that kid. He didn’t want that to happen to him. Pacy came up with a solution. The Haitian could make Pacy forget stuff. Pacy’s mind would be less clogged up with information. Pacy’s mind was wipe from thirteen backwards.

Office memories Edit

Pacy was back to being co-admin, but was working in New York mainly. To try and keep his mind from overloading again, Pacy stayed in his office a lot. Not allowing his mind to see new things and remember them. He had got word of a new recruit, Abbigail Draken, who he met with and assigned a partner. To pass the time, Pacy went back in time, in his mind, using his photographic memories to keep him amused. Doing this lead him to some discoveries about strange things, Pacy realised that he had met more Specials than he had realised before even joining the Company. Olivia Clarkson, Travis Payne, Alice Emmerich, and Jaina Cassidy.

Suspicions Edit

During this time, there was a killer going round killing Specials. Using ‘Saw’ like traps and the like. Pacy was one of the main suspects. He firstly met Warren DeSilva. Pacy saw a lot of himself in the guy. Unsure of his power, not able to use it to protect himself. Pacy felt a certain kinship with him. Pacy called meeting with some of the best people in the Company to help teach the kid how to fight. In this meeting, Pacy got into a fight himself, with Lucas Janzen who indirectly accused Pacy of knowing more about the Fixer Killer and also who was insubordinate to him. Pacy went to punch the guy, but it was blocked and Pacy was floored with a punch. From his kness he jumped onto his feet, like Rob Van Dam used to do, and hit a perfect Chris Brown style kick to Janzen’s face. Pacy had mixed two things he had seen on the TV perfectly, and almost instinctively. Pacy had made his point and left, trying to figure out how that had happened. He went back to his room, found a note saying “You’re Next” on his desk, and then blacked out.

Fixer killer trials Edit

Pacy woke up and stumbled out of a room to find himself in a corridor with Alec Fox, Chad Milos, Harmony Mills, Jaina Cassidy, Anzhela DeFrancisco, and Jeff Classic. Pacy looked in one of the rooms that came off the corridor and saw Raj Kapoor died in front of his very eyes. They all knew where they were. They were in a Fixer Killer Trial. This was different though, because it was a group one, most of the rest had been individual trials. They were all powerless and had no idea how they got there. Pacy took charge, helped to patch everyone up and they made their way onto the next trial. A noose was in the room and it seemed like to open the door they would have to hang someone, Jaina came up with the suggestion to hang a TV from it, and Pacy used that idea and added that some people should pull down on the noose as well. The door opened and they made it to the next room. There it was a rip off of the piano trap from the Gooonies. Pay knew what had to be done, he started working on it, and found himself punched by Jaina, who had found a note in her and Chad’s pocket saying “Company Man = Fixer Killer”. Pacy could see how it seemed, but managed to convince them that it wasn’t him. They passed the task and moved on to the next trial. The final trial was to have someone put on a mask, which would rip open their face, to open the door. Anzhela DeFrancisco put the mask on, and the only way to release it was for three people to put their hands in a contraption. Pacy didn’t want to, but he had to, Anzhela had saved them, it was only fair that they would. Jaina Cassidy left as soon as the door opened. Pacy told her to call Warren DeSilva and to bring with him a Teleporter and a Healer from the company. Pacy didn’t know if she would do it, but she did, when they all finally passed the final test and saved Anzhela. Pacy came out of the building to find Warren with Harrison Mosley and Richard Hutchings. Pacy collapsed to his knees, grateful to be alive.

The Alliance Edit

Pacy was in his office. When he was called to a meeting with Danny Wallace and Victory Forsthye. Danny had information about a lot of things. The Fixer Killer, Senator Darren Stone, and the Governments new Special Initiative. Pacy decided that the best thing to do was call a meeting, with all the powerful Specials in America. Which is what he did. In the meeting they all called a Truce, and became an Alliance, they were going to save their people from the Government, Pacy sent Lucas Janzen and Eric Channing as the Company Representative, along with most of the Company Agents to the battle. Pacy decided to stay behind, and try and figure out who the Fixer Killer was.

Powers Edit

Photographic Memory – Pacy has a photographic memory, this means that his head is always taking things in. His memory is like a camera, hence the word photographic. Pacy can remember things that he sees and hears. His brain is always recording things, his eyes are like a camera and his ears are like a tape recorder, recording things that are said. The photographic memory also helps him with simple things like reading, he can basically skim a book and remember it, so reading is much faster, this also works with a computer, and he can type really fast.

Photographic Reflexes – This is linked into his Photographic memory. He doesn’t know it yet but he also possesses the technique of photographic reflexes. Basically anything that he watches over and over he will be able to do. For example if he watches someone skateboard over and over again, whether it be on television on actually in front of him, he will be able to skateboard like the person he watched. But if that person does the technique wrong then Pacy will also inherit that when doing the skill. He also by listening to people talk, he can 'pick up' accents quickly, and if the voice range is in the same range as he then he can pretty much copy someone’s voice.

This works on the theory that practice makes perfect, but Pacy doesn’t need to practice, by watching it over and over again, he commits it to memory and his body thinks that he has practiced it. Photographic Reflexes is based on the actual theory of eidetic kinesthesia. Which is the ability to instantly mimic any physical skill or fighting style.

Photographic Memory Limits - Basically everything he sees he remembers, this is a great strain on his brain, and sometimes his brain cannot handle all the information, so he suffers from severe migraines from time to time, but this has not started happening yet, probably because of his sheltered background, moving to University should be a strain on his mind, seeing as he has to learn new things, such as streets and routes etc.

Pacy may be able to remember things, this gives him a certain high academic quality, but this gives him a lack of creativity. Pacy can quote literature no end but rarely can have original thoughts, his arguments tend to be regurgitated things from books he read, or arguments that other people have said.

His photographic memory makes him a little bit autistic. He cant relate to people normally. He usually relates to people like they were characters in films. If he has to speak to someone, it is hard for him not to quote films or give facts and figures of films. So he ends up mumbling his way through speeches, umming and ahhing a lot.

Photographic Reflexes Limits - If watching the same technique over and over, if the person he is watching is doing the technique wrong then Pacy will pick up the way in which it is wrong as well, and cannot be rectified until he sees it being done right e.g. if watching an amateur skateboarder doing a kick flip over and over and the kid is doing it wrong, Pacy will pick this up, but if after he watches Tony Hawk (via TV) doing a kick flip over and over, Pacy will pick up the new kick flip thus 'over-riding' the previous one.

Just because he sees it doesn’t necessarily mean that he can do it, it depends on his body structure, for example, if he watches a marathon runner over and over again, it doesn’t mean that he can run a marathon, it depends on how much his body is built up as well, so technically he could run like a marathon runner, if he was in shape.

Acquired Photographic Reflexes Skills Skills he has but doesn't know he has are

- Skateboarding - Parkouring - Professional Wrestling - Basketball - Soccer

Appearance and Personality Edit

Pacy is by no means big and bulging with muscles everywhere. He’s just your normal teenager. He’s not skinny but he’s not fat, he’s got little definition in the way of muscles. He is tanned, his hair is in a side parting he is in the process of growing it, and is kinda ‘jeri-curly', but in a haphazard way. He also has a ‘bum fluff’ style goatee from his sideburns but he shaved his upper lip. Pacy is not a dedicated follower of fashion, and tends to make his own t-shirts, he believes that he is making fashion statements with the t-shirts, he also makes badges which you will find at least one on every article of clothing he has.

Pacy is some what of a loner. He hasn’t had much contact with people in the past couple of years, because it’s just been him and his dad. But before then he was quite a recluse, he’s just happy taking things apart and seeing how they work. Pacy generally has quite a self low esteem problem when it social situations. Pacy find it’s hard to be in social situations where he doesn’t know anyone, but once he becomes friends with someone he wears his heart on his sleeve with them, it’s just actually him talking to someone which is the hard part. Pacy has a sense of loyalty to his friends. He also is very humble, he doesn’t go round telling everyone that he knows everything in the world, which he technically could, but he prefers to let others take the spotlight.

Pacy is not a very sociable person, he has lead a quiet life, he has only really had contact with his dad for the last couple of years, and out of touch with the youth of today. He would be seen as a geek by the rest of the people his age. But what he lacks in social qualities he makes up for in his hard work. He works hard, something he learned from working as a mechanic with his father. Going to the University is a big step for him, as it will be the first time he has left his fathers side in a long time

Pacy also has quite an inquisitive nature and likes to find out how things work. This stems from working in the garage, but happened when he was younger as well. Pacy likes to take thing apart and improve them some how. He does this by reading up on technological advances and trying them out on normal run of the mill things. In other words he likes to make gadgets.

Can be seen as a walking popular culture fanatic, seeing as he has hardly any social skills, due to sheltered life, and watching loads of films and TV, he seems to just reference loads of lines from films and TV that most of the time go over peoples heads

Trivia Edit

  • Pacy was the third ever character on the board and has been with it ever since it started (well apart from the month sabbatical he took!)
  • Pacy is first person who joined the Company in the RPG
  • Pacy has been floating around numerous RPGs for the past 8 years or so, always the same powers, but in this RPG is where he has developed the most
  • Pacy's first name was taken from the Pacy from Dawsons Creek, obviously, the McNeil was just added cause it made it sound cooler
  • Pacy McNeil has always been Adam Brody, with future versions played by Zachery Levi