Patricia McNeil

Full Name:

Patricia McNeil




Impenetrable Skin







Personal Relationships:

(Mother) Patience (nee Richardson) Jackson, 69 (Deceased / Civilian) (Father) Alan Jackson, 75 (Genetic Memory / Civilian) (Older Sister) Julie Jackson, 45 (Whereabouts Unknown / Knowledge Absorption) (Husband) Casey McNeil, 46, (Civilian) (Son) Pacy McNeil, 19, (Photographic Memory / Photographic Reflexes)

Portraited by:

Kelly Rowan

History Before RP Edit

Patricia was born to Alan and Patience Jackson in a small village in Kent. She grew up well loved and nurtured. She was brought up in a loving family, and it reflected in her personality. She did above average in academia, and went onto University, where she met Casey McNeil. It was love at first sight, and when they left Uni and got settled, they got married and started a family. Pacy was born not long after, and she became a stay at home mother. Then something happened when Pacy was 7. She developed an ability. One which got her on the radar of her grandfather. Her grandfather had a job, a secret job, which he started slowly but surely letting Patricia in on. Patricia didn’t like this, her grandfather made it known that when he passed, she would inherit the 'family business'. When he did, she had to take over. She made the single most hardest decision of her life. Faking her own death. Using other Specials, in her grandfather’s line of work, she faked her death and left the country. This changed her. She was no longer happy go lucky, and she threw herself into her 'job'She brought on people, and one of them started to take over, she didn’t mind, she hated the job, but knew she had to do it. She became a bodyguard to the man, her powers aptly suited to it.