Ryan Alcroft
Portrayed by David Gallagher
Played by ChaoticOrigin
In-story stats
Power(s) Astral Planar Manipulation
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Full name Ryan Alcroft
Alias Shawn Spencer
Mark Redfield
Calla McKnight
Gender Male
Age 27
Date of birth March 15th, 1989
Place of birth London, England
Occupation N/A
Significant other Adele Couteau
formerly Michelle Flynn
Parents Rhiannon Alcroft (née O'Hara) (Mother)
Leo Alcroft (Father)
Siblings Darron Alcroft (Elder Brother)

Thinking I was 'passive' was your first mistake.

Ryan Alcroft, originally from Wandsworth in London, is a personal assistant now living in South Padre Island.

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