Sonokinesis is the ability to manipulate sound waves. This power could be used to create a wide range of effects; from powerful sonic blasts, glass and wall shattering screams, to even mimicking a person's voice.


Depending on the person and how well he or she can manage the ability, sonokinesis can become a powerful weapon or defense.

Wave manipulationEdit

Sonokinetics can manipulate sound waves. This includes raising or lowering their frequency, replicating them, and distorting them. They can create sounds above or below the range of human perception, which is a useful tool when dealing with animals.

Sound mimicryEdit

Sonokinetics also have the ability to mimic sounds, including other voices. Generally they must have heard the sound before or have a good idea of what it sounds like in order to be believable.

Sonic blastsEdit

The range of the sonic blasts are different for each person, depending on both natural factors and that person's training. The blasts can be used to push objects away from the sonokinetic.


The sound waves can be used to shatter and disintegrate materials such as glass, walls, and skin. Aiming or directing the waves at a specific point can cause increased localized damage.


There is usually a specific radius for which the manipulated sound waves are effective. Also, there tends to be a certain weight threshold for the movement of objects, i.e. the ease of pushing an apple versus a car. These limits depend on the talents of the invdividual, and vary widely.

Whether the sonokinetic himself is affected by the use of his ability also varies from person to person.


Jonathan Guldborg is chronologically the first one to show this ability.

Rayne Campbell is the second character to display this ability.

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