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Vincent D'Onofrio

X was an orphan. He was found on the steps of an orphanage. He was taken in and cared for. X carried no resentment; he believed that what happens happens. He lead a fairly normal childhood, getting on with the business of childhood, making friends, making enemies, playing and such things. As he got older, he retreated into the world of knowledge, he wanted to learn more, and knew that making friends wouldn’t help him.

He was an inquisitive child who liked to read, by the time he was 12 he had read quite a number of books and was fairly intelligent for his age. His high school years where that of a ghost, he was just there. He didn’t do anything spectacular there, and didn’t make any lasting impression on his peers.

Once out of high school he joined the army. He served in a war and came back, alive. The army was the place for hi, he was just a number, and he blended into the background. In the army he picked up skills he would later rely upon in his later life. Such as stealth and forward planning. Once he was discharged he wandered America, not sure where his place in the world was.

Then something happened. An Eclipse. Afterwards he had strange intuitions; he was able to 'see' possible futures in his mind. He was always working out what path his decisions would take. He sometimes made the wrong decisions and bad things happened. Other times he made the right decisions and good things happened. He used his power to help mankind, handing out 'missions' to people, to get them in the right place at the right time. He wanted to help the world, but he wanted to do it without any kind of adulation. He wanted to be the guy behind the scenes.

One day a mysterious figure came to him and offered him a chance to make use of his ability. He joined up, knowing that what he was doing, although seeming ‘bad’, was the right thing to do.